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Does Driving a Luxury Car Make You a Target?

Does driving a luxury car make you a targeted victim? In recent news, a study suggested that those who drive luxury cars exhibit unethical driving behaviors. The results suggest that it is not uncommon for luxury car owners to experience harassment from ordinary citizens. For those worried about this, the study’s authors have prepared a list of tips for drivers. Read on to learn more about these tips and avoid becoming a target.

A luxurious car is an investment, and people tend to value such cars highly. The luxury car industry is competitive, and the rich gravitate toward high-end luxury brands. Luxury cars have a long history, which is what makes them desirable to potential buyers. The past performance of a romance car can remind its owner of success and excellence. As such, drivers should pay attention to the condition of their vehicles.

Luxury car manufacturers often aim to sell more than just the car itself. They aim to sell a lifestyle as well as the car itself, so that potential customers are encouraged to buy them. Luxury car buyers will struggle to find a model for less than $200,000. However, they can gain local fame and recognition by driving a luxury car. A luxury car is an investment in success. While driving a luxury vehicle may seem like a luxury lifestyle, it is far more than just an investment.

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