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Example of Entertainment Marketing

In the field of marketing, one of the most common examples of entertainment marketing is product placement. In this case, a game character can customize their outfit with logoed t-shirts from another game. Another example of entertainment marketing is Blendtec’s over 100 videos featuring blenders. The commercials can generate thousands of views, but they also sell blenders and other consumer goods. As a result, entertainment marketing is an important tool in today’s marketing arsenal.

While advertising is the most common method of marketing, entertainment marketing uses multiple strategies. For example, a company can use the media to expand its audience by placing a product ad during a popular cartoon or TV show. A consulting firm that specializes in entertainment marketing can help companies determine their target audience and then develop a strategy. Entertainment marketing is an excellent way to expand a business’ reach and maximize profit. However, it’s important to consider the potential impact of your strategy before deciding how to go about it.

Another example of entertainment marketing is branded entertainment. Branded entertainment is an example of entertainment marketing in action. Brands use the power of the spotlight to attract attention and build brand recognition. A branded entertainment campaign aims to recreate the experience of watching a movie or tv series. By leveraging the power of the media to engage viewers, a brand can increase its exposure while reducing costs and increasing profits. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is an excellent example of entertainment marketing and public relations. The case study will evaluate the social media behavior of the company during the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

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