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How to Use the Alexa Developer Console

The release of the Alexa developer console marks a major shift in the platform’s developer tools. The previous console looked like a clunky, outdated blob of software with a few buttons on its sides. Now it looks much more streamlined, replete with Amazon’s logo and a clean blue color scheme. Those new to Alexa development should find the console easier to use. However, there are still some caveats to remember, especially when building skills.

To build an Alexa skill, you must provision resources first. After you do that, open the Alexa Developer Console and click on the “Develop” button. You’ll see the Alexa IDE. From here, you’ll need to select a skill and click the Test tab to test it. You can also click on the “In-Skill Products” menu option to see the results of your skill. Now that you’ve set up the developer console, you can create an Alexa Python skill and test it by saying “Alexa.”

The Alexa Developer Console offers a 360-degree view of your skills. You can also use it to hide, delete, or clone a skill repository. You can also clone a skill repository and access Lambda code or configuration. However, you can’t use this console to test a skill that supports multiple locales. It’s best to create a skill that’s suitable for a particular locale.

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