Is a Tech Job Without a Degree a Myth Or Reality in America?

Is tech job without a degree merely a myth? There are many opportunities for people with a lack of a college degree. In fact, Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that more than half of Apple’s US employment does not require a four-year degree. Companies such as IBM, Google, and Apple also do not require a college degree for specific positions. These companies have made it easier for people to get into tech jobs, and more tech firms are supporting coding boot camps and alternative education. However, a college degree is still necessary to get a high-paying tech job, despite the fact that fewer companies are hiring graduates without college degrees.

While some jobs are outsourced overseas, the demand for good tech workers remains constant, especially in the United States. The unemployment rate in tech is typically between two and three percent. And if you’re laid off, it’s usually easy to find a new job. And since unemployment rates in this field are lower than in most other industries, you can expect more job opportunities than in any other industry.

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If you’re not sure whether a tech job without a degree is possible, start by looking for certifications. Certifications will demonstrate to companies that you have the latest knowledge of tech. Also, try becoming a small-to-medium enterprise (SME), as this will help you build a professional network. You may find some amazing opportunities that way. That’s because you’ll be exposed to more opportunities than you’ll ever have access to without a degree.

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