Product Design: Boost the Sales With the Right Design

The product mix is an essential element of any company’s marketing strategy. And product design means how a product is modelled and manufactured. It includes imagination, creativity, and originality in the process of designing a product.

Creating the Perfect Design

The type and complexity of design vary from company to company. But the critical component in designing a product depends on two main things: customer preferences and manufacturing cost. Customers are the major stakeholders of a company as they contribute majorly to the revenue through sales. Hence, the influence of customers is powerful in the aspect of designing a product.

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Impact of Sales Through Proper Manufacturing of a Product

When the product is designed to be easy and comfortable, customers tend to purchase the product repeatedly. It leads to increased and repeated sales for the company in the form of customer loyalty. However, it does not mean that the company must spend a lot of money on designing its products.

There must be a balance between customer satisfaction and the company’s objectives. As such, products have to be designed in such a way that the efficiency and effectiveness of the manufacturing process are not compromised.

Types of Job Titles in the Field

Ux Design: UX designers aim to maximise customer satisfaction. People in this job collect customer feedback and convey it to the production to make necessary changes.

Graphic Designer: Professionals in this field use advanced software and designing tools to create product samples. The samples are then forwarded to the production and finance team for cost-benefit analysis.

Prototyper: They evaluate the pros and cons of the design and validate them. In the case of a physical goods company, they prototype hand-craft mock products. Meanwhile, companies selling intangible and digital products use wireframes and other software for digital mock products.

Product Designer: This is the toughest and the main job in designing a product. They are concerned with providing physical and virtual mock products. Their duties include planning, organising, supervising, and executing the process of developing a product.

Factors Involved in Deciding the Right Design

The process of deciding what design is appropriate varies from company to company. So, the factors involved in the design process are:

  1. Ease and efficiency of using the product: A product has to be designed to be very easy to use and store.
  2. Cost control: The company must keep in mind the costs it will incur while adopting a particular design for its products. For instance, a company that follows complex packaging and designs incurs higher costs.
  3. Efficiency and effectiveness in production: While the above two factors are the primary determinants, production efficiency must be analysed before committing to a particular design. Deep research and analysis of the number of units produced in a specific time with the optimum utilisation of resources must be done.

Helpful Tools in the Process of Designing a Product

Companies now use many software and graphic tools instead of manual work to create a product. So, some of the standard tools used are:

  • Journey mapping apps
  • Wireframe software
  • Virtual designing tools
  • Graphic design software
  • Research and development tools
  • Financial tools to conduct a cost-benefit analysis
  • Project management software
  • Coding software
  • Product planning tools

Many companies use a combination of such tools to curate the best product design. The amount of usage and variety of such devices depends on the company’s requirements. For instance, a new company looking to launch products would require more design tools in comparison to an existing firm. For any business looking to launch or develop their products, the right combination of design tools is paramount. A new venture will obviously require a greater variety than an established one – but whichever direction your company takes, an Employer of Record in Italy can help you secure top-tier marketing talent and stay within budget.

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