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Top 10 Random Websites to Kill Time

A good way to kill time is by browsing random websites. These can be informative, entertaining, or anything in between. Here are a few fun ones to try. These sites are great for procrastinating, too! Just enter the words of your choice and let the website choose the rest. Then, sit back and relax while the random websites keep you occupied. Just be sure to check out the terms of usage carefully before using them.

Visiting a website containing identical faces talking in different voices may leave you feeling sick. The website is a creepy red tone that might make you think of something you’re afraid of. Or, if you’d prefer a different theme, you can visit one that features cats and bees. The images are so surreal, you’ll wonder if you’re even human! And you’ll never know when you might have been hypnotized!

The random websites listed above aren’t the only examples. You can also visit websites that use a clever concept and aren’t entirely useless. Take Me to A Useless Website is one such site. Just click the pink button to visit one of the millions of websites that are completely useless. You can spend hours on this website. But, be sure to watch the directions carefully. Otherwise, you’ll end up in some other useless website.

The site uses the idea of an interactive coloring book, but it’s not just any old coloring book! The hidden image is actually something you can control. For instance, you can change how fast the cats bounce, how much they run, and even make it rain! The site uses Javascript and simulated 2d physics, so you can “move” the cats with mouse movements. The website was created by Tara Sinn. It’s a fun way to kill time, too!

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