Where to Find the Most Beautiful Places in Alberta

If you love to take in all of the natural and manmade beauty of a place when you are traveling, you will need to put Alberta, Canada on your travel agenda. Alberta has a wide variety of gorgeous vistas and natural wonders that are breath-taking to see.

So grab your camera gear, backpack, and walking shoes, and head out to Alberta. Journey across the province to see what is in store for you. Here is where to find the most beautiful places in Alberta:

Banff and Lake Louise

The small mountain resort town of Banff is so picturesque that you might find yourself browsing Banff homes for sale while you are on vacation there. While you are visiting, be sure to take a ride on the gondola, try out many of the amazing restaurants in town, and check out the Upper Hot Springs and National Park’s Cave and Basin.

Just an hour outside of Banff is Lake Lousie, one of the country’s most photographed lakes. You can rent a canoe to get gorgeous views from the water itself, or you can hike one of the many trails around the lake to get amazing views looking down onto the lake. One recommended hike is the hike from the lake shore to the Lake Agnes Tea House. This will give you the bonus of seeing the beautiful Lake Agnes, as well.


Alberta is also known for several breath-taking canyons. If you like doing a little hiking while traveling, choose a few of these splendid canyons to seek out for some of the best natural beauty in the province.

One great canyon to check out is Maligne Canyon, where you can get waterfall views in summer and ice formation views in winter. Plan to book a guide if you choose to go in winter, as this is the safest option. Another canyon to visit in the wintertime to see some amazing views of ice formations is Johnston Canyon. You can’t go wrong with the natural beauty that these canyons can provide odisha discom.


If you want to see some waterfalls like the one in Maligne Canyon, there are a few other great options. You can check out Athabasca Falls, which is widely considered one of the best and most beautiful waterfalls in the entire country. Located in Jasper National Park, there are many trails to provide various views of the falls, but it is important to stay on the marked trails, as unmarked lands surrounding the falls can become slippery and dangerous filmik.

Sunwapta Falls is another great option if you are seeking out the most beautiful waterfalls in the province and country. Sunwapta offers a main waterfall and a lower waterfall. It is recommended that for the best views, you journey over the footbridge located above the main waterfall. These falls are also known for their force, which is on peak display in the spring when snow is melting web series review.

From lakes to charming towns to canyons to waterfalls, the province of Alberta is full of beauty. Plan your agenda around these most beautiful places in the province.

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