Why Are There So Few Tech Jobs in Philadelphia?

As Philadelphia’s technology scene grows, so does the demand for skilled workers. In fact, the Philadelphia economy now has over 102,000 tech-related jobs, with most of them geared toward software developers. With Amazon looking to hire 50,000 employees, the tech talent pool in Philly has risen 34 percent in the past five years. But, there’s a problem. Many people who want to work in the tech industry in Philadelphia lack experience, but there are still many open positions available. Read more about 4movierulz mi

While the city has some great talent, the city’s wealthier population doesn’t share the entrepreneurial spirit of its peers in Silicon Valley or Boston. While Silicon Valley investors are throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at promising ideas, Philly entrepreneurs are scraping by. Most promising companies leave the region in search of early investors, like Warby Parker and Venmo. Philly startup founders must make their region more diverse if it hopes to compete with Silicon Valley.

One reason for the shrinking tech talent pool is the fact that Amazon is looking to move its headquarters to Philly. The company plans to invest $5 billion in Philly, and it has promised to create 50,000 high-paying jobs in the region. The city could also win a pitch contest with Amazon to attract the company. This would be a “sumo wrestling” move in Philly’s tech talent kiddy pool.

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